Minerva’s Voyage

… an exhilarating adventure story… Robin’s first person narration often uses language that is old-fashioned and out-dated, which has the effect of making his character seem believable and authentic. At the same time, the diction in the book stops short of being cumbersome; it does not impede the narrative flow or the comprehension of the modern reader. Robin’s story feels real, and the book’s “Afterward” provides a much-appreciated explanation that situates the fiction in the actual historical account… The book’s greatest strength comes from the delightful character of Robin Starveling, someone whom the reader quickly befriends as he humorously battles against his own wickedness and the abuse of his disgusting employer… Boys and girls alike will be quickly drawn into the adventure as they puzzle out the clues to the treasure along with Fence and Starveling. Highly recommended.

– CM Magazine

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